Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Why do so many American men dislike Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton?


TheWholeTruth said...

Try asking them. Ask any Republican or Democratic Party male, their silence will tell you their real reason.

Letsbehonest said...

While talking with my Republican neighbor (he voted Democratic in the 2006 elections), he said that “Mrs.” Clinton would be the last person on earth he would vote for President.

I could not resist asking him the question: “why do you dislike Senator Clinton so much?”

My question was met with silence; he looked shocked that I would ask such a question. He said nothing for a few very long seconds and then gave a very general meaningless answer with absolutely no content.

I told him that his answer was too general and vague. I repeated the question.

He then said, “Really, if you want to know why, she reminds me of my mother.”

I could only laugh in response.

Conservative Republican said...

Women are supposed to be seen, not heard.

20Something said...

Well said my American Taliban male.